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Are you a know-it-all about
space & human flight?

Prove it!Let us know if you can do it by solving all the 12 quizzes.One quiz per month.Check in every month for a new quiz to start. Tackle topics across Deep space, Indian Satellites, Student Space Satellites, Indian Space Missions, ISRO and much more.

Image by Ahsan Avi

All can do a few quizzes.
Only true fans survive the year.

Once you have finished all monthly quizzes, prepare for the MegaQuiz to blow your mind.

December 16th, 2022.
Stay ready.

Eligibility Criteria

There are strict requirements to becoming an astronaut including having a technical masters degree, some work experience, and a healthy body and mind to be able to handle extreme conditions in space. Even after this, astronauts have to undergo multiple assessments to see if they are fit to be sent off to space.

Thanks to us, we aligned the stars for you.

We have only 2 easy criteria:

1. You have a valid email ID to sign up and make an account.

2. There is no age limit for this quiz. But, if you are a minor (Under 13yrs of age) Please make sure to inform and ask your parents before registering.

You're Welcome.

All Set! Then what are we waiting for...

Race 2 space is a cosmic enthusiast organisation, promoting knowledge of human-space flight development and leaps towards the future beyond our planet.

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